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Our location

We are located in Belconnen, ACT and are the Australian Government Agency responsible for administering the superannuation schemes for Australian Government and Australian Defence Force members, some of the most complex superannuation schemes in Australia.

For more information see About us section.

About our people

Our people are our strength. They are skilled in a range of disciplines, particularly Information and Communications Technology, Superannuation and Administrative Law and Finance and Accounting. We are always on the lookout for talent; and seek well-rounded people with excellent written and oral communications skills, good problem-solving skills and an interest in superannuation/financial services.

Our employees are given the opportunity to make a real difference, use their qualifications and enhance their skills. We support and reward innovation, strong leadership and ongoing professional development within a positive work environment.

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We offer you

Our specific employment conditions are contained in the ComSuper Enterprise Agreement 2011-14 (PDF 403K , RTF 2.3M). Highlights include:

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Salary rates are specified in the ComSuper Enterprise Agreement 2011-14. The Agreement allows our CEO (or delegate) to authorise payment of salary that differs from the relevant range.

Salary packaging options are available to our employees.


New APS employees may choose a superannuation fund for the employer contributions to be paid to. If no choice is made, the default fund is the Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan (PSSap).

The current employer contribution rate for PSSap is 15.4% of the employee’s salary for superannuation purposes.

Employees may elect to salary package additional personal superannuation contributions to a fund of their choice provided the fund accepts salary sacrifice contributions via electronic funds transfer.


A variety of leave options are available to employees:

  • annual leave (20 days per year on full pay, with half and three-quarter pay options and conditional cash-out of excess credits)
  • purchased leave (employees may elect to purchase between one and four weeks additional leave each year)
  • personal/carer’s leave (18 days annually or part-time equivalent on full pay for personal illness or injury, caring for a family member or emergencies)
  • compassionate leave of up to three days on each occasion
  • maternity leave (12 weeks full pay or 24 weeks half pay)
  • adoption/fostering leave (12 weeks full pay or 24 weeks half pay)
  • parenting leave (two weeks paid leave within 12 months after the birth or adoption of a child)
  • long service leave (3 months paid leave after 10 years of service in the APS)
  • miscellaneous leave (e.g. for jury duty, defence training etc)
  • leave without pay.

Performance management

The Performance Management Framework is designed to improve our overall performance and employee job satisfaction by focusing on enhancing contributions from individuals and teams. All employees are expected to participate in a number of ways including development of a performance agreement and participation in a monthly ‘conversation’ with their direct supervisor.

Flexible working arrangements

We support employees balancing work and personal commitments through a range of flexible working options including:

  • access to part-time working arrangements
  • access to working from home arrangements
  • choice of work patterns within a bandwidth of 7.00am to 8.00pm
  • flex-time for all employees up to the APS6 level
  • time off in lieu for ELs (on an hour for hour basis within the bandwidth).

Considerations for flexible working arrangements are based on operational requirements and management consideration and agreement.

Learning and development

Our commitment to improving the capability of our staff is demonstrated by:

  • opportunities for employees to undertake relevant learning activities
  • monetary rewards for specific learning
  • financial assistance for payment of tuition fees
  • study leave
  • payment of relevant professional costs.

Diversity and health and safety

We value and encourage a culture which supports and promotes workplace diversity.
We are committed to providing a safe working environment. This includes the physical and mental well-being of employees and the absence of harassment.

Health and wellbeing

We actively encourage our employees to pursue a healthy lifestyle through a range of initiatives, including:

  • subsidising voluntary flu vaccinations
  • subsidising approved health programs such as quit smoking or stress management courses
  • subsidising health/fitness club membership
  • providing financial assistance to teams/groups of employees participating in team activities
  • providing free voluntary health checks for employees
  • arranging free health information sessions from qualified providers.

Employee Assistance
: Our employees have access to a free and confidential counselling service for themselves and members of their family for assistance with personal and/or work-related difficulties.

Professional business dress

Our staff are expected to present a professional image reflecting the excellence in services we provide for our clients. Clothes should reflect a positive corporate image that you would expect from any other organisation in the financial industry.

Personnel security requirements

We require all our employees and the employees of contracted service providers to be participants in a background check prior to employment or engagement. Background checking consists of employment screening activities such as a criminal history check, verification of identity and citizenship.

We also require those employees or contractors who handle, and are exposed to, our internal official information to hold a current Australian Government protective security clearance at a minimum of “Baseline”.

If you are planning a move to ComSuper and have questions about background and security checks please discuss them with the ComSuper contact officer. More information on obtaining a clearance can be found by reading the Commonwealth's personnel security guidelines on the Attorney general's Department website and on the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency website.

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Workplace diversity and inclusion

We value each person’s unique contribution and experience regardless of gender, age, physical or mental ability, cultural background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or family responsibilities. We encourage applications from anyone who has the skills we need, and the values and attitudes we live by.

For more information on workplace diversity in ComSuper, see our Workplace Diversity Plan 2012-14 (DOC 67K , PDF 140K ).

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

Agencies are required to publish their procedures for determining whether an employee has breached the Code of Conduct and for imposing sanctions. Our policy is here: (DOC 81K , PDF 145K ).

More information

If you would like more information or have any questions, please email your enquiries to

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Last updated February 2, 2015