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Information Publication Scheme

How will we make the information available?

In compliance with the legislation, we will make the information available on our corporate website. The main information describing a document will be:

The document title will be searchable by accessing a dedicated FOI page from the main website. This page will also be accessible by external search engines, and referenced on This will allow users of popular commercial search engines to discover references to documentation that may be requested. ComSuper will also allow online searching of the document titles in WCAG 2.0 compliant HTML.

The documentation published will be subject to constant review as outlined in the section Internal process and procedural authorisation. For this reason, some documents may experience a delay in fulfillment while a document is finalised.

Documents will be provided in either an electronic or printed form. Electronic requests for fulfillment will result in an email to the nominated address with attached PDF files. Please note a voluminous request may result in material being printed or made available on alternate media such as compact disc and posted to the requestor by normal Australia Post mail. Material requested to be printed will be posted by normal Australia Post general mail. Outlined in the section Register of disclosures made, we have identified that a register of disclosures made will be kept.



Last updated March 25, 2014