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Information Publication Scheme

Information Management Framework

Legislative controls

ComSuper is an agency governed by several Acts of Parliament and is required to perform its duty as a provider of superannuation administration services within a Commonwealth government context. A summary of some key Commonwealth legislation that applies to ComSuper is:

These controls are also extended as we provide a public service to the members of our schemes. This results in aspects of the financial services regulatory framework also applying. Some key legislation in this area is:

Public Financial Product documentation

In 2007, the Financial Services Reform (FSR) prescribed a process to ensure product disclosure documentation was consistent and comparable. This resulted in a number of internal reforms that ensure documentation is reviewed prior to endorsement and action. Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation approval is required at a minimum of three checkpoints:

Internal process and procedural authorisation

Due to the nature of our operations, procedures are regularly updated to reflect changes to legislation, and Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation decisions and directions. For this reason, documents will be generated in PDF format or in hard copy at the time of request, and will reflect the currently endorsed procedure.



Last updated May 23, 2012